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Videos are everywhere on the internet today. Whether it’s on social media, ad campaigns or video streaming services, it is impossible to log onto the web and not end up watching some sort of video.  The need to create more videos, in turn, creates the need for tools to edit and customize them as well. VideoProc is one of the most effective video production tools available on the internet right now.

VideoProc Review

VideoProc is one of the most popular pieces of video software available today. Whether its editing videos or restoring old footage, the program ticks all of the boxes and it is incredibly straight forward to use. In this VideoProc review, we break down all of the key components of the software and check out whether it is worth downloading or not.  You can check out our other video converter software reviews to see how it stacks up against the competition in terms of video conversion. I’d also recommend my Adobe Premiere Pro review and Pinnacle Studio 23 Ultimate review.

VideoProc – Best Editor for 4K Videos?

Video editors have a wide range of software to choose from these days. The market is constantly growing but when it comes to clean and simple editing, there are few products that are as strong as VideoProc.

The software is ideal for both newcomers and experienced editors and it features a clean and uncluttered interface that is easy to get to grips with. The software is especially good for people who like to edit a 4K video since these usually demand you use a more complicated type of software.

A key selling point for VideoProc is its hardware acceleration feature and this comes in particularly handy for these videos significantly faster.

Features & Product Details

VideoProc is an all-in-one video editing program that presents its users with a wide variety of quality editing and conversion features. The program is compatible with all sorts of different video files and it allows you to edit videos and audio files in a number of different ways. The program allows you to add effects, customize, and stabilize your videos as well as allowing you to download videos from the internet and upload them from old DVDs and various other mediums.


VideoProc is an incredibly popular piece of software that is easy to download and it is currently compatible with both Windows and Mac platforms. Using it on a Mac can be a great way of uploading and editing videos that you have recorded on your mobile phone.

At the time of writing, the program is not available on any mobile device and is not currently supported by Chrome OS.

Getting Started with VideoProc

VideoProc’s biggest selling point over its rivals is its ease of use and that becomes incredibly apparent when you first begin to use the software. The software is simple to load up and once you do you will be greeted with an incredibly clean and simple interface that offers a lot of different features.

You will initially be greeted by the range of different options that the platform provides. To begin to edit a new video, all you need to do is simply click on the +video button. The software will also allow you to work on multiple videos at the same time.

Adding Effects

If you want to add quality effects to your video to make things a little bit more exciting, then VideoProc also has you covered in this department. The software offers a wide range of different custom and special effects that you can add to your videos, all of which are of high quality.

The effects menu is easily accessed by clicking on the magic wand on the top toolbar. You can then preview a wide range of different effects and see how they would look on your video. Once you have selected your effect, you can then sharpen it up by editing the brightness, contrast, hue, gamma, and saturation.

Stabilizing Videos

If you’ve been recording videos on a GoPro or another type of popular action camera, then there is a strong chance you are going to have recorded quite a lot of shaky footage. Thankfully, VideoProc has an excellent stabilizing tool available.

This is an easy tool to access and use. Simply click on the toolbox tab which is at the bottom of the interface and find the ‘deshake’ option. This will bring up a nice and simple menu with a number of options for stabilizing your video. This can be effectively combined with their noise-canceling and editing features as well to really help you clean up your action videos.

Converting Videos

One of the most useful things for any video editor is the option to convert videos into various different formats.

VideoProc makes this process nice and easy. The video processing software offers a huge selection of different conversion options for video, audio, and web-based conversion. These are all nicely arranged into profiles as well, so you can easily find the type of conversion and format that you are looking for. You can also convert any old DVD footage and audio that you have uploaded to the software as well. The program does allow you to convert any 4K video you need as well.

The program also supports videos of all qualities and handles conversion efficiently thanks to its hardware acceleration feature.

Downloading Music and Videos with VideoProc

VideoProc also allows you to download audio and video files from the web. This is a simple process to follow as well. The first step is to click on the video downloader button on the toolbar. Once you have done this, you can then paste a URL from the web, click analyze and leave the software to do the rest.

You can select the desired quality of the video and you can also download full playlists by using this option. You have downloaded the video, you can convert it into whatever file type you are after and begin to use it.

DVD Conversion

Another useful tool that VideoProc offers is its DVD conversion. This digiarty software allows you to take footage from your old DVDs and use them in your new projects. For those who have a lot of stored footage on old DVDs, this opens up a whole world of possibilities.

The feature is straightforward to access as well. All you need to do is open the software, click on the DVD option on the main menu, click on the DVD disc option and then you will find yourself with a menu that presents you with various options for this conversion.  This is one of the fastest pieces of digiarty software on the web today.


Another nice feature that VideoProc offers is its screen recording option. It allows you to record your screen as you work, which can be perfect if you are the kind of person who likes to make instructional videos and show off what you have been working on.

The program also comes with a webcam recorder, so if you have a webcam, you can record using the software. It also allows you to use both the screen recorder and the webcam at the same time, which can be especially useful if you are making educational or instructional videos.

How does hardware acceleration make VideoProc different?

A top-selling point that helps VideoProc really stand out from its rival is its hardware acceleration. The software uses full GPU  acceleration and this comes with many benefits. Hardware acceleration effectively offloads video processing from CPU to GPU, meaning that the program can process videos a lot faster than any of its rivals.

As a result of this, the software is much more suitable for converting HD and 4K videos, with HD videos able to convert up to 47x faster than some other programs.

VideoProc Pricing

VideoProc comes with a number of different options for downloading and using their service. There is a free version of the program you can download if you just want to try things out, though, your options on this are going to be limited. It can still be a worthwhile trail though, especially if you don’t want to work with long videos or do any sort of detailed editing as the quality of the service is still the same.

There are then three different price brackets – year, lifetime, and family. The year price is $29.95, while the lifetime price is only a little bit more at $42.95. If you are planning on using the service regularly, then the lifetime price is excellent value for money. If not, then $29.95 is still an excellent value.


There are a lot of pros to using VideoProc. The program’s biggest selling point is its ease of use. The program is very easy to get to grips with and even if you have very little knowledge of video editing, you will find yourself able to put together some great footage thanks to the simple layout of VideoProc.

It is also very reasonably priced for the service it offers and the free version is great if you are just looking for a trial run of some video editing software. The program comes with a lot of useful tutorials to make using Videoproc an even easier experience.


VideoProc is one of the best pieces of video editing software available today, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few snags.

The software’s ease of use means that it is predominantly targeted towards beginner and intermediate users. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as the majority of users will fall into this category. The simplicity of the software does mean that there aren’t quite as many tools as there is on some other programs though, and this could be an issue for more advanced users. Other than this though, it is difficult to pick too many faults with VideoProc.

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