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In past time, numerous well-known internet sites have been hacked while web applications and internet sites are primary elements of any firm nowadays. Online hackers have become more and more active and constantly attempt to crack internet sites and leak data.

For this reason, a utility for security testing of web applications is essential, which puts the role of web application safety scanners into focus. Website Scanner is really a project which executes automated black box testing on a web application and pinpoints security vulnerabilities.

Scanners tend not to gain access to the source code; they simply carry out functional testing and attempt to discover security vulnerabilities.

In business terminology, it is pretty hard to determine exactly what your current effort of safety precautions is really worth. It is simple to define perceptible or economic reduction that has occurred – their values are often calculable – but an absence of reduction or financial effect is tougher to define. It is possible to understand why a lot of companies might challenge the necessity for an online application protection scanner: the value it offers might not be very easy to define, only in estimations of the potential damage it inhibits.

website scanner tool benefits

Investing in invasion recognition system, firewall appliances, and the like do see up-front value: they are active preventive measures, as well as the data they shield is instantly apparent and concrete. But a scanner is much more passive, searching for stuff before they occur.

The discussion against can frequently be boiled right down to this: if this sounds like simply protective scanning, then definitely smart programmers could theoretically be educated to search for the vulnerabilities on their own.

With this risk, it is getting essential to have website susceptibility scanning as an element of the total test cycle. Nowadays, we will review a tool for the security of web applications and websites – Website Scanner. Website Scanner is the tool preferred to protect against SQL Injection, Cross Scripting (XSS) and OWASP top rated ten vulnerabilities, but there are more complete network security programs to help block IPs:

blocked IPs in China

Website Scanner is an automatic web application security testing tool, established to fight the upswing in assaults in the web application layer. Website Scanner audits a website’s protection by introducing a number of strikes up against the website. It then offers brief reports of the vulnerabilities it discovered and will even offer recommendations regarding how to resolve them.

Website Virus Scanner offers an entirely showcased website safety scanner, crawler, report evaluation device, in addition to web security explanations, plus a substantial database of security inspections for those leading web server platforms.

Furthermore, the brand new standard protection scanning feature instantly picks up, reports and addresses out-of-date server software, securing your web server a lot more to vulnerabilities and feasible assaults. For more resources give them a visit!


Key Features

1. Free Site Scanner

Website Scanner - Free Site Scanner

When you are currently making use of their free trial version, then my speculate is that a precise image needs to be drawn concerning the complicated and sturdy remedy that represents the core of their system.

Scanning a large number of websites everyday assisted them to define the core concept of a safe and secure website. Visualize having all of the resources available on the internet put together in one remedy. That is what they call the Magic Box.

They take great pride that they will not share all of the primary technology created by the group however they will surely provide you some helpful insights:

  • A lot more than a hundred daily updated databases which they link to keep their system updated.
  • Google Safe Browsing and Phish Tank listed as their proud technological innovation associates.
  • A massive group of site owners and third parties thinking about making the web a more secure spot (drop them an email if you are considering to join).

Get their free of charge website safety check by filling out your domain name now, simply to see precisely how secure your site actually is.

2. Malware Removal

Website Scanner - Malware Removal

Proprietary motor, created according to malicious malware meanings since 2006 that assisted them in making a first class product. They confess that their solution is not really a paragon of design and style aesthetics however their primary emphasis would be to remain on top of the virus-killing hill.

Given that the majority of their resources are typically a one-click procedure, they have made a decision to mix all feasible automated measures right into a cron dependent scanning and alerting procedure. Nevertheless, taking out the real hazardous malware still needs to be a manual approach.

It has been processed through the years and they want to think it is fairly efficient. You may either give them entry to your site and they can carry out the whole clean-up or they could point yourself on the right route by aiming what steps, in where and what needs to be done.

Naturally, they are going to carry on and evolve according to our big network of professional comments, but in addition, they are among those businesses that do listen to their clients’ demands and regard their views.

Did they point out this is integrated free of charge in all of their package deals?

3. Monitoring Service

Website Scanner - Monitoring Service

Needless to say, this feature is within the cloud-based version. This “work” continuously monitors your site 24/7/365 that would normally surely drive a webmaster insane. Been there done that. Does this website monitoring service hold what it claims?

You realize it is also based on website visitor area. For this reason, they have a lot more than ten worldwide spots readily available. Probably one of the most valued features is the choice to set up loading minimums based on the visitor’s location. Why? Because most webmasters seem to be knowledgeable about their hosting provider limitation (look at the excellent Firewall of China for instance).

How about a safe website? Could it be under assault or presently hacked? Google and the remainder of large boy’s search engines will slap you in a few minutes if something fails.

For this reason, they send out immediate notifications once they identify something is going bad with your website or e-commerce store. Indeed, you read that properly: after the harm that took place. Before, this is obviously a top secret recipe that they will not reveal, however, their speculate is that you know already the way they got there – magic word experience.

Be at ease that they keep track of your site and they scan the site for malware strikes. Moreover, a totally automated procedure compiling on the internet malware scanner and online malware removal right into a solitary, miracle switch prepared for immediate implementation.

They are collecting computer virus and malware meanings of the last three years. On top of that, they are utilizing more than a hundred external daily updated databases. No software program or plugin needed. They are the era of cloud – so they carried out “the new black”.

4. Preventive Actions

Website Scanner - Preventive Actions

As hackers’ attacks are evolving, take advantage of their 1 click preventive response magic button, that includes multiple website firewall and audit trails.

As Google and the majority of search engines now warns visitors that they are about to enter “Site that may harm your computer”, you definitely do not want to be in that situation. Imagining all the hard work of compiling evidence that your website has been hacked and submitted that for an appeal. Not to mention the effort in regaining your rank and traffic.

Read the article on their internet site about “How to Recover a Hacked Website” and you will see exactly why they developed this tool.

Now, just to give you a sweet taste of capabilities:

  • They will send step-by-step recommendation when they detect possible threats (including Cybersquatting).
  • A team of experts is available for support.
  • Users help in finding and reporting the source of the attack.

Strengths and Weaknesses

You already have been through most of the power of the features of this scanner. This range of useful feature saves you a lot of time and mostly caters the needs of the user. But then again, each program has its own strength and weaknesses. I’ll pin down some of its pros and cons that you might want to take note.


Cloud-Based Control

Demand is rising for cloud-based, SaaS security solutions and the market is growing rapidly. These services can be provided as single features or as part of a larger and integrated SaaS package. Most current security systems possess outdated technology that relies on human monitoring which opens the opportunity for more automated versions in the cloud.

These security tools are also being integrated with software-defined networking SDN to deliver a network that can use real-time analytics and monitoring to protect against emerging threats.

Your Own Support Team

Customer support is considered as one of the main data channels for an increased customer retention.

Proprietary Site Monitoring

Website traffic monitoring is primarily done to keep the record of website performance, stability, and overall user experience (UX). The key objective is to evaluate the website’s performance from the end user’s standpoint.

Free Online Scanner

It is absolutely free. All you need to do is to provide them with a URL (address of website) that you want to test and press “Scan for Malware” button.

Your request will be sent to their scanning server for further investigation and once it will finish scanning the website’s files, the result will be presented to you.

Free Malware Removal

A virus removal follows the virus scan phase, which identifies the virus and threat level. The virus can also be manually deleted, but this requires a strong understanding of viruses and the right skills to remove or reverse registry entries. If a virus cannot be deleted, the user receives a failure message.

Generally, a virus can be removed without affecting other files, but sometimes deleting a complete archive is a necessary precaution.


Email Flooding

In a network, flooding is the forwarding of a packet by a router from any node to every other node attached to the router except the node from which the packet was sent. Flooding is a way to distribute routing information updates quickly on every node in a large network. It is also sometimes used in multicast packets (from one source node to many specific nodes in a real or virtual network).

Pricing and Trials

Below are the features of the free trial and their different plans:

Free Trial

  • 1 Domain
  • Weekly 360° Scan
  • Scan Page for malware
  • Website Integrity Monitoring
  • Email Alerting Service
  • WordPress Scanner

Basic – $9.99/M

  • 1 Domain
  • Weekly 360° Scan
  • Scan Page for Malware
  • Website Integrity Monitoring
  • Email Alerting Service
  • WordPress Scanner
  • Manual Website Scanning

Business – $79.99/M

  • 10 Domain
  • Weekly 360° Scan
  • Scan Page for Malware
  • Website Integrity Monitoring
  • Email Alerting Service
  • WordPress Scanner
  • Manual Website Scanning
  • A Team of Dedicated Experts

Premium – $110.00/M

  • 10 Domain
  • Weekly 360° Scan
  • Scan Page for Malware
  • Website Integrity Monitoring
  • Email Alerting Service
  • WordPress Scanner
  • Manual Website Scanning
  • A Team of Dedicated Experts
  • Phone Support

What are your plans? Leave them a hint at their Contact Page!


In addition to all of the above, Website Scanner also comes bundled with a range of integrated manual penetration testing tools. These tools allow auditors to run automated scans and verify results manually without the need for switching tools.

Website Vulnerability Scanner offers security professionals, software engineers and alike a range of stunning features in an easy, straight-forward and very robust package. Of course, this review can only cover so much, and while this aims to provide a broad overview of the product, there are several other useful features that were not included.

A strong and sturdy security posture requires many layers and many components. The code needs to be developed securely, which requires proper software testing and auditing. Servers need to be hardened and secured, which requires skillful configuration, firewalls, intrusion detection, and more.

But the overall product of a web application needs to be tested with a similar approach that most attackers take, by scanning the website for vulnerabilities, and further by assisting the security and development team in understanding where problems exist.

This is where Website Scanner shows the most bang for the buck, costing perhaps far less than even the AWS stack it may be hosted on. As a security engineer, I cannot recommend this product enough as the cost is affordable, the usefulness is enormous, and the value is immeasurable.

Plus, who can truly put a value on how much you save by preventing an exploit from happening? As I said in the beginning, it is sometimes difficult to define the value of that what protects you. But with site scanner, that value is priceless.

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