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Enigma Recovery is one of the leading phonerescue software for iPhone, iPod, and iPad users – it does not work for Android recovery. It allows users to quickly recover lost or deleted data on Apple phones. Enigma Recovery will enable users to scan iTunes backup or their iCloud account for all types of phone data. Though photo and video recovery can just as easily be picked up via the software from a recent or older iCloud backup, including deleted files and apps.

Does phonerescue  aka enigma recovery work when it comes to getting iPhone data recovery without backup or recover deleted personal data from iPhone which is missing? Our phonerescue review will cover all the features it offers and will help you see if it is worth it (sneak peak: it is)

data view in rows

Use Cases

Before we dive into the key features, here are some examples of when using Enigma would be helpful:

  • You believe your child/children are lying to you about their whereabouts and what they are doing
  • You run a business and want to make sure your employees are using their phone for business-related activities
  • You drop your phone or laptop while using the restroom and when you leave it in a bag of rice doesn’t work
  • Your screen breaks and you can no longer use the phone
  • Your device bugs out and you run into an error and you are no longer to access that data

Key Features

The iPhone data recovery software is available for Mac and PC (Windows). It can recover lost, old, and deleted data both from any Apple device AND from iCloud. Another benefit is that you don’t need to recover everything – you can recover only what you need by selecting it.

However, the scan times will vary a great deal depending on the nature and quantity of content you want recovered. Once the scan is finished, the software presents all the recovered items so you can choose which ones to keep on your computer and where to export it on your PC. Alternatively, the company’s free Restore App can also be used to restore the entire device though that app isn’t covered in this review.

It is a simple to use and totally trustworthy app that won’t steal your data. It works without error as long as you follow directions and is 100% legit!

Fast Setup and Intuitive Interface

The entire download time on our PC took just a few minutes from the time we downloaded the software to complete the installation. Enigma Recovery does not require any special attention since it has all the basic options. Once installed, when you launch thi data recovery solution for windows the software pops open a window with all the possible methods of recovering and fine-tuning the software. So, even for a user who has never used an iPhone recovery software before, you will find it right at home and know what to do to find their lost files.

how to set up enigma (settings)

Extract data from iTunes Backups and Directly from iOS Devices

When you have one or more than one Apple devices plugged into the same computer you can choose any one of them from the list presented. You can then select their last backup date, serial number and then ask the tool to run its automatic scanning system.

If you want to scan the backup for files, you can do so by directly choosing the iTunes backup from the hard drive. That said the only one thing you need to be sure of is that iTunes is installed for this to work.

get data from physical iphone

View Search Results, Filter the Files and Then Save

When the iPhone data recovery tool has finished scanning it will show the total number of deleted messages, calendar entries, apps, contacts, photos, notes, calls, Safari bookmarks, and videos. After that, you can sort the items by category, or you can preview every file before choosing the ones you want to retrieve. To retrieve you’ll need to set Enigma Recovery to the export data feature which then keeps it to the desktop or any other location of your choice. Unfortunately, apart from the search feature, there is no other way to locate a particular type of file or file name. That said, for the most part, this feature works perfectly in most cases.


Data in itself isn’t much use if they are just files. What’s nice about Enigma is that they make it so easy to restore your data on the smartphone or another phone, or back it up on your laptop, in the cloud, or on a USB.


Enigma Recovery has a number of utilities that existing competitors don’t have. For example:

  • Works for phones & iPads
  • data export to desktop
  • save scan settings
  • device testing
  • iTunes recovery (must connect to the internet)
  • iCloud recovery (must connect to the internet)
  • App restore

What can Iphone Data Enigma restore?

Enigma can restore almost all iPhone data including:

  • text messages
  • apps (and app data)
  • contact information
  • phone call history
  • videos / photos
  • misc. files saved
  • calendar events
  • data from messaging apps like WhatsApp and Kik

And much, much more. Basically, if you want anything on your phone then this software can help you get it back.

How to Recover Data for Iphone (Video)

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