About Digital Software Products

Hello everybody! My name is Colin Ma and welcome to Digital Software Products, my own blog about software. After going to school at University of California, Santa Barbara I transfered to University of California, Irvine(UCI) and graduated from UCI in 2016 with a BS in Computer Science.

I then began to work as a Software Engineer and Technology Consultant right after graduation for my old firm  Pariveda Solutions. Here I helped large companies build software and improve their processes. You might have heard of a few of these – Toyota, Lexus, Intuit (company behind Turbo Tax), and Health Markets to name a few.

At these companies I got exposure to various enterprise tools and B2B software. In one week I would be responsible for learning up to 8 at a time and demonstrate proficiency. Honestly, this was a big pain in the butt, but I got to try out a LOT of software. This knowledge came to be extremely helpful.

However, I didn’t think to start writing about them right away! Instead, I was stuck helping to optimize these softwares, and create tutorials and documentation – little did I know that I would actually be revisiting this experience and writing abou tit in detail.

I stayed at Pariveda Solutions for 3.5 years, but the Entrepreneur bug bit me and I got recruited to join a startup as a Director of Engineering at Finli Inc. The title was amazing – but the pay was 30% below what I got paid before. I didn’t mind – I wanted to learn about startups and learned a ton in a few months!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t quite what I expected it to be so I left after only 2 months of being there full time. I decided I wanted a break from the software world and wanted to try my hand at blogging since I have buddies who are doing well in this space and enjoy it. Ironically, I don’t think I really left the “software world” since I’m writing about it!

I work pretty hard, but I also enjoy my hobbies! My biggest hobby right now is breakdancing, which is perfect for me as it combines exercise, creativity, and time to hang out with my friends all in one activity.

No, I’m not about to fall! I can definitely hold that for about 10 or 15 seconds… once my wrist is warmed up. I also love stand-up comedy. I like to think I’m a pretty funny guy, and I like watching and listening to other funny people (even though I know I’m the funniest).

I like to do other things too – I cook, I love watching movies, and I’m a sports fan! I mostly watch Tennis (vamos, Nadal!) and keep up with Football -I’m an LA resident so I’m a Rams and Chargers fan. I also play Fantasy Football and was an impressive 11th place out of 12. Yeah, I’m pretty good at Fantasy Football.

I love hearing feedback. If there is something you think I can work on or improve, or want me to take a look at your product then feel free to reach out. You can find me on LinkedIn here or on Facebook here or contact me at colinlma AT gmail.com