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Asana is one of the most popular work management platforms today, but it isn’t a perfect one. Aside from the steep learning curve beginner users face when using Asana, there are some limitations to the platform, such as the lack of PDF or Excel export, no time tracking, or that tasks cannot be assigned to two or more people.

If you’re looking for alternatives to Asana and don’t know where to look, here are 10 Asana alternatives: 

1. Jira

Fee: Starts at $10 for 10 users and scales with your team! jira

Jira was built specifically for software development teams to plan, track and release software and mobile apps. It is a project management tool, which means team members can report bugs and issues, track updates, and so on.  

The best thing about Jira is that it uses Kanban boards and Scrum software development. The major complaint about Jira is that the mobile app isn’t the best.

  • Pros: Quick interface, creating sub-tasks, easy commenting and threaded communication
  • Cons: No to-do list, lacks chat functionality, complicated ticket settings, non-reusable reports

2. Todoist

Fee: Free plan available, with options to upgrade to premium ($3 to $5/month fee) todoist

This company has been around for a while and is a favorite among individuals looking for a tool to help with work organization. As its name suggests, Todoist helps you prioritize your “to-do’s” and improve productivity

Todoist is for people who crave minimalism and requires their tasks to be accessible on both desktop and mobile app, but it is mostly for single users and not for team or collaborations.

  • Pros: free version for up to 5 people, clean interface,
  • Cons: No calendar view or Kanban board for better workflow tracking, limited features and reporting

3. MeisterTask 

Fee: Free plan, Meistertask Pro ($8.25/month), and customizable Business and Enterprise payment plans based on specific needs

MeisterTask was designed as an online to-do list and collaboration platform for teams. It allows project managers to assign tasks, update statuses, monitor team progress, and create Kanban project dashboards.

The best thing about MeisterTask is that it is compatible with other third-party tools like Google Drive, Dropbox and BitBucket, making it easier to share files among team members.

  • Pros: Records could be saved on cloud, automations, task organizing with tags/stars, comments on tasks
  • Cons: No calendar view, limited analytics, and no offline access

4. Workzone 

Fee: $24 to $44 per user monthly, depending on the plan (Team, Professional & Enterprise)

Workzone has been around for decades. It is ideal for ad agencies, marketing teams and other companies that manage multiple projects at a team. 

Workzone features budget management, portfolio management, collaborative tools, Gantt charts, and document manager for quick uploads 

  • Pros: Built-in document/template creation, extremely secure, impressive record-keeping of discussions
  • Cons: Lacking cross-platform integration and library

5. KanbanFlow

Fee: Free and premium plans ($5/user/month) available

If you’re looking for a visual alternative to Asana, KanbanFlow will do the trick. It boasts of a simplified user interface, but as a feature-packed project management tool, you can add multiple tasks, collaborate with team members, assign tasks, add tasks via e-mail, share documents, add user roles, as well as export and import data.

What’s interesting with KanbanFlow is that it also has a time-tracking tool based off the Pomodoro method, which means it encourages users to concentrate on 1 task for 25 minutes, then take a break.

  • Pros: Free plain has unlimited boards and tasks, tag workflow areas, track progress visually
  • Cons: No customizable reports and challenging archival 

6. Teamwork Projects

Fee: Free forever, with Paid plans (Pro, Premium and Enterprise), starting at $9/user/month. Custom plans also available. 

Teamwork Projects is a work and project management tool that aims to increase team productivity by organizing tasks, Kanban boards to arrange workflow visually, team chat, budget management, time tracking, and milestone tracking.

Available on both Linux and Windows, Teamwork Projects comprises of several different software that work side by side to help companies achieve maximum productivity. For example, Teamwork Chat and Teamwork Desk (helpdesk) are separate programs, but can be incorporated into Teamwork Projects if requested.

  • Pros: Advanced search feature, third-party app compatible
  • Cons: Interface can be confusing

7. Wrike

Fee: Available as free plan and paid (Professional, Business, Marketers and Enterprise plan, starting from $9.80/user/month)

This enterprise-grade collaborative work management platform isn’t aimed at any particular industry, but is focused in helping project managers complete campaigns, projects and tasks in a more organized manner. 

Wrike is equipped with real-time newsfeed, team collaboration functions, online file sharing/editing, email integration, member tagging, and visual task management.

  • Pros: Cloud storage, drag-and-drop tasks, board view, real-time streaming of activities
  • Cons: Set-up can be complicated, lacking analytics features, paid plans priced per user
  1. Trello

Fee: Free plan available. You can also choose paid Business Class or Enterprise plans, starting with $9.99 per user per month.

Trello is a famous web-based alternative to Asana simply because it was developed to cater small to large companies, as well as Fortune 500 enterprises. It is a customizable, all-in-one solution for project management.

Trello offers real-time feed and commenting, collaboration tools (chat, file-sharing, etc.) and several ways to manage tasks from lists to boards and checklists.

  • Pros: Drag and drop interface, card creation via email, advanced filters and search
  • Cons: Lacking notification functionality

9. Microsoft Projects

Fee: 3 types of plans available, starting with $10/user/month to $55/user/month

Microsoft Project is a project management software product designed to help team managers create project, assign tasks to team members, track progress, manage budgets, analyze workloads and provide feedback all in one platform.

If you are used to Microsoft products like Word, Excel, and other renowned programs, then you’d probably have little to no learning curve with using Microsoft Projects.

  • Pros: Seamless integration with other Microsoft programs
  • Cons: Expensive compared to other programs

10. Monday.com (formerly DaPulse)

Fee: Not the cheapest Asana alternative, but you can choose from 4 ready-made plans starting from $8/user/month to $16/user/month

Monday.com is a collaboration tool that allows team members to divide work and track their progress visually. It is ideal for smaller companies who like to integrate third-party platforms like MailChimp or Shopify. 

This won’t be perfect for all kinds of companies, due to the lack of advanced features, but if your company requires just the basic project management tools, Monday.com would fit most requirements.

  • Pros: Easy to set-up and intuitive beginner-friendly design
  • Cons: Extra payment for advanced features

If you’re looking for the best alternatives to Asana, it is impossible to recommend just one. 

When choosing a project management tool, you have to consider the number of projects to “manage” and the number of users who will access the platform (since fees for these tools are per-user monthly). 

Many project management software provide an all-in-one solution for 1 team handling multiple projects, but additional fees may apply. Some teams only require the basics and getting a software with advanced functionality may be overkill. 

As such, you should choose a project management software based on your company or team’s needs and not on how popular or feature-packed a program seems to be.   

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