How To Download YouTube Videos For Your PC With Video Converter Software

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Video converters are pretty convenient especially for travelers and bloggers as it’s pretty easy and doesn’t require any medium to make it work. Converting videos and saving it on your own device for personal use is such a great advantage as you can still watch your favorite movies or clips without going online.

Youtube Video Instructions

This one will give you instant help when you want to edit and process your videos with an easy-to-follow guide which enables even the beginner to use it without even the basic knowledge to make it work. Just by installing it on your personal computer then everything will work just fine and all you have to do is explore its tools and learn through its offered learning mode. Choose a simple and easy software or isn’t a paid version. Take advantage of free-trial versions as those are as good as the paid ones. Some applications have limited features or have watermarks of its logo appears together with your video when playing it, using pro mode if existing, is a better solution to experience it to a higher level. Following will be the simple steps on how to easily convert your chosen YouTube videos using a video converter. We have also explained how to convert mov to mp4.

Simple Instructions

  1. To start, open the link for both the YouTube and the video converter sites assuming that you’ll be using the video converter available online.
  2. After finding the video you’d like to download, copy the URL visibly seen in the window and open the tab where the video converter located. In the video converter page, you could see the options to what kind of file you’d like to convert, either a video link/ URL, a video or audio file, and even an option for downloading a browser extension.
  3. Click “Convert a Video Link/URL”
  4. Paste the video link you copied earlier from the YouTube tab in “Paste link here” section.
  5. Choose your desired output format available for both Audio and Video files
  6. Wait for the converter to finish the process of converting your file
  7. Then the tab will reload, presenting you the converted video file with the option of “Download” and “Convert Again” buttons.
  8. Click “Download” and wait for it to finish, then that will be it and you can play your video anytime, anywhere.

Benefits of Using Wondershare to Download  Youtube Video

There’s another alternative aside from the free video converter online by downloading and installing a video converter which comes with a plus as it has other features such as for editing and enhancing the quality and presentation of your videos. You can read our Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate Review or another review for guidelines and gain tricks shared by pros. But the steps in using converters vary from one converter to another as these come with different set of features and so thus its commands.

How to Use Wondershare to Download a Youtube Video

Assuming that the versions have a common way of running it:

  1. Find the location of your downloaded converter application file.
  2. Right click and “Run as administrator”
  3. Wait for it to finish installation and some would just automatically open after the process.
  4. Assuming the software is now running, find and click the “Convert Video” option.
  5. Paste the video URL you copied from the YouTube tab and click “OK” to start the time parsing URL process
  6. Click “Start Button” to download videos afterward and wait for it to finish the download.
  7. Now, you can watch your videos without the need for an internet connection.

As easy as that, you can have your own copy without the hassle of streaming videos online and wait for it to resume whenever there are signal buffers or interference. You could even open your window search tab without the need to wait for it to load as you haven’t utilized live streaming which totally affects running other programs or sites, consuming greater internet connection and computer’s performance.

Is it Legal to Download Youtube Videos?

It is legal to download videos. Youtube doesn’t actually own them – the uploader does. While it’s legal to download them, it can be illegal depending on how you distribute it. For example, if you sell the videos or claim as your own you may run into legal trouble. 

If you are downloading them to just play on your own computer then it is legal and you won’t face any issues.

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