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How to make an ebook? Create a book online with WordMate in a simple trick and post almost everywhere. Epubor WordMate is a Microsoft Word add-on which enables end users to make eBooks from MS Word. In just a few clicks with WordMate incorporated into Microsoft Word, writers can produce eBooks template in EPUB, MOBI and PDF formats from MS Word data files and post them on Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Nook, Kobo, Google Play, and so forth.

It really is hassle-free for people who are not so knowledgeable about computers and modern gizmos. So long as you know how to use Microsoft Word, this small eBook device is going to be very simple for you to deal with. You do not need to learn any programming language - just enjoy making your personal eBooks.

Right after downloading and installing Epubor WordMate, I am certain that you will undeniably adore this eBook writer and eBook editor. Epubor Wordmate additionally is an ebook editor instrument that permits you to generate new ebooks and modify them from other file formats. Either imported or created, the supported file formats are wide-ranging, and Epubor WordMate has been an ebook reader for a long time. Have a great time checking its features!


Key Features

WordMate has an easy and thoroughly clean user interface. It is specifically created for writers and bookworms to who love writing and reading.

1. Import


Visit WordMate user interface by simply clicking on its tab in Microsoft Word toolbar, then just click “Import” to load the book you would want to read through. Once the ebook is imported into Microsoft Word by WordMate, make sure you click on “Read” to alter the view mode to ebook reading mode and begin savoring while looking at the ebook through this type of sorcery device!

2. Reader

Epubor Wordmate serves as an eBook reader with support for many different file formats like epub, mobi, azw, azw3, epub, mobi, prc, txt and html. Apart from reading through ebooks with WordMate in MicrosoftWord, you can also modify these ebooks. The lightweight ebook creator software incorporates developing ebooks, publishing ebooks, editing and enhancing ebooks and reading digital book creator all-in-one set. It is practical for writers and readers who have a number of different ebook file formats.

PS: it only pertains to Windows operating system.

A DRMed Kindle title could only be read on the device or application which saved it. So only DRM free ebooks could be read on these applications. If the AZW3 ebooks consist of DRM limitations, you have to strip DRM from the AZW3 data files prior to reading them on this ebook software.

Within the premise that Microsoft Word is installed on your personal computer, you are able to download Epubor WordMate right here. Make sure that Microsoft Word Office is not opened during the installation. As soon as WordMate is installed, please open your MS Word file, and you will see WordMate tab displayed in MS Word toolbar.

3. Publish

Compose all of your contents in Word and format it, right after completed, include the ebook metadata, like title, author, ebook cover creator, ISBN with WordMate and just click “Build Mobi”, “Build PDF” or “Publish” to obtain the professional Mobi, PDF or AZW data format of the digital book creator.

The output eBook’s quality is fairly excellent, no content reduction. It is going to keep all text formatting, fonts, and pictures that were edited by Word. If you are looking for further features, have a visit at their Guide Website!

Strengths and Weaknesses

Though it may be able to provide you with the beneficial features in order to save you a lot of time, efficiently execute your reading and editing routines, and is proven to be extremely effective in a great number of scenarios, nevertheless it has restrictions and weak spots as with every other software ebook creator software on the market nowadays. Listed here are a couple of its strengths and weaknesses which I believe you would want to take notice.


MS Add-On

Make a book online and post ebooks from any part of the globe utilizing WordMate which is an add-on in Microsoft Word that allows you to generate ebook cover creator from MS Word. Effortlessly transform word documents to EPUB, PDF, MOBI and answer your question ‘how to publish an ebook?’ right on Amazon, Nook, Kobo, and Google Play.

Simplified Editing

To boost the experience of readers there exists a presented option to read and revise EPUB Mobi, AZW, PDF ebooks. Modify the font size, style and change the font to experience your reading routine.

Featured Metadata

After you have developed all of the content material in a word document for your ebook, including the metadata like title, author, date and language, you just simply click publish to acquire your ebook published which could be of Mobi, PDF or AZW format.

Quality Certified Ebooks

Top quality ebooks can be produced with only a couple of clicks and no reduction in data like text, infographics and videos.

Doesn’t Require To Be Geeky

You do not have to be a technic freak to comprehend this expert ebook publishing software program that is rather clear to understand in which content material writers can readily compose and revise the content made with this ebook creator.


Annoying Tutorial

I actually ought to view the tutorial animation when beginning the program for twice.


Pricing and Trials

Obtain today for a totally free trial copy of WordMate software program. It is typically priced at $79.95. Today, you can savor it without having to pay nearly anything since it is obtainable in its special edition as a present so create an ebook today!



I only use this program to process my Kindle publications, and it functions perfectly. The official internet site states, in addition, it facilitates Adobe DRM safeguarded publications and Nook books, even so, I did not purchase any product from these shops, therefore I am not able to tell you if it will likewise work effectively upon them.

I do believe that Epubor WordMate is definitely an expert ebook publishing program which happens to be ideal to generate, modify and publish an ebook with just a mere mouse click. Enlighten your question as to how to create an ebook and then publish your very own ebook with this particular supreme ebook creator and commence selling on internet sites, for example, Amazon, Apple iBooks, and Nook. If you have further questions, you can leave a message in their Support Center. So what are you waiting for? Make your own book online now!

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Epubor WordMate Review

Ebupor WordMate is a MS Word Add-On which enables users to easily create eBooks from MS Word with just a few clicks.

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