Wise Registry Cleaner Review

Does the question ‘how to clean the registry?’ mind-boggling to you? Once in a while, I stumble upon a computer utility that appears too good to be true and free at the same time – it truly is. But Wise Registry Cleaner is certainly the best software for this purpose. In fact, it is a little more when compared to a registry cleaner. Furthermore, it defrags the registry and provides a number of system adjustments beneath its system tune-up tab.

Wise Registry Cleaner is proudly made by WiseCleaner. It is among the most secure registry cleaning instruments you can find in the market these days. Its scanning engine is comprehensive, risk-free and quick. It really is so simple to use even the least knowledgeable consumer can easily fix registry using this tool. It scans the Windows registry and discovers wrong or outdated details within the registry.

By repairing these outdated details in Windows registry, your computer could work far better and a lot more rapidly. Right after Wise Registry Cleaner analyzes your computer for troubles, you are able to separately look at each one of the issues discovered and call up an in-depth explanation.

If you want, you may also have all problems fixed instantly. All modifications in your system are supervised by Wise Registry Cleaner and can be undone with just a few clicks of the mouse so that you can use Wise Registry Cleaner with ease.

Wise Registry Cleaner will eliminate some things you may want, such as the recently utilized data file listings (MRUs) for Microsoft Office as well as other programs. It pays to invest a little bit of time dealing with this list and de-choosing any items you would want to maintain.

Also, there is a Safe Selections choice in the event you click on any classification heading. Make sure you make use of it till you are up to pace. Its defragger usually takes over your computer for thirty seconds to some minute in the event it scans and operates to avoid other applications from creating modifications.

It is a little bit disconcerting at the first try, but a good safety measure. It functions very well, although you might not observe a change in boot times unless of course if you have been working your Windows installation for quite a while. System tune-up options consist of optimizing hard drive I/O, crippling the debugger, a couple of networking adjustments plus some other things.

They are effortless to uninstall in the event you don’t like them, it is possible to simply click on system defaults to revive the Microsoft factory configurations. If there is something I don’t adore concerning Wise Registry Cleaner, it is the user interface which is an eye-catching ample and does not permit resizing which enables you to view the entirety of several items listed. If you hover over every item, the entire item exhibits being a tooltip.

Key Features

This Windows Cleaner scours your Windows registry for invalid entries and system-slowing trash. It is harmless, simple to use, and (on top of that) free of charge. The no-nonsense team design all of the features you require right in which you will need them, such as Registry Cleaner, System Tuneup, Registry Defrag, and Scheduler.

It incorporates features not just to scan and clean your pc and clean registry, but additionally to modify different system features to enhance overall performance, in addition, to compress the registry size dimension by reduction of pieces. The application is provided for free to work with, sports an extremely-intuitive user interface with sophisticated, yet basic-to-comprehend choices, and finishes work quickly whilst staying lightweight on system assets.

The setup process happens rapidly and will not demand oversight. As for the user interface, Wise Registry Cleaner adopts a flat appearance and clean design, in which all buttons and choices are neatly structured to allow even novice customers learn how to deal with Wise Cleaner. These three elements are available in three individual locations: “Registry Cleaner”, “System Cleanup”, and “Registry Defrag”. Visit their Official Site for in-depth information regarding the features.

1. Multi-User Cleaning

Wise Registry Cleaner - Multi User Cleaning

This brand new attribute is perfect for computers which are utilized by multiple people, like home computers that are shared by family members and public computers in public areas. Individuals who have admin rights can easily scan, cleanmypc and clean all user’s registry at the same time. You do not have to log in to every individual account to skim and registry repair problems.

The computer cleaner covers different facts of the Windows registry, including ActiveX and COM elements, software and program pathways, data file varieties, support files, firewall configurations, end-user MRU listings, uninstallers, start menu, startup applications, sound and application occasions, picture file performance, application options and Windows solutions amongst others.

Each one of these areas could be examined simultaneously; in fact, it is easy to leave out any one of them or pick merely the kinds suggested by Wise Cleaner for deletion.

Outcomes display the entire quantity of recognized issues and which ones are viewed secure or hazardous, together with the complete course for each and every entry. Buttons for picking and deselecting all items, along with deciding on just the harmless types are available.

These items might be handpicked for deletion, disregarded, exported to file for closer evaluation, or their position could be quickly opened up in Registry Editor without having to depart the user interface. The pc fix and cleanup process is extremely quick and needs just one click right after creating a choice.

The program also implements an alternative that allows end users to check out a registry cleaning work over every day, weekly, or monthly time frame, once the PC is within the idle condition, or at each system login.

2. Fix Registry Problems

Wise Registry Cleaner - Fix Registry Problems

The registry helps keep expanding if you use Windows so does the out of date items in the registry, which could at some point result in performance deterioration as well as system collision. Wise Registry Cleaner scans the Windows registry and locates mistakes and residual items in the registry and either cleans or defrags them. By repairing these left over and damaged items in Windows registry, your system will work with higher speed and a lot more stable. The registry defragging process is conducted in a couple of phases.

To begin with, Wise Cleaner analyzes the registry to create and evaluate which after it demonstrates the present and new dimension, together with the redundancy rate of every hive in addition to complete hives. Just before going forward with the final phase for minimizing pieces, the application notifies end users that it will instantly reboot the computer to complete the process.

3. Restore Feature

Wise Registry Cleaner - Restore Feature

Wise Registry Cleaner enables users to produce a system restore stage and make a total registry backup before you make any adjustments towards the Windows registry, to be able to effortlessly restore configurations with their initial condition if your operating system encounters any balance problems.

Furthermore, the tool could be set up to check out just for secure and clear entries or perhaps in strong setting, immediately back up the registry before cleaning it and check for computer cleaning software upgrades on a regular basis. Customers could also develop a desktop symbol to clean up the registry with a single click and handle registry keys by getting rid of them from your list and including brand new ones.

The registry is supported right before any cleaning is done. It can be used to bring back the registry towards the stage, in the event you experience some system difficulty. You may also develop a complete registry file backup or system backup manually at any time prior to making any significant system or network settings alterations on your computer.

4. Scheduled Automatic Registry Cleaning

Wise Registry Cleaner - Scheduled Automatic Registry Cleaning

Inside the primary user interface, you are able to set up Wise Registry Cleaner to clean up the registry on a day-to-day, weekly, or monthly routine based on your personal requirement. Wise Registry Cleaner will instantly clean the registry in the background once the timetabled time is up. In settings, you may also produce a ‘Clean with 1-click’ symbol and put it on the desktop. Using this attribute, you are able to tidy up the icon without having to launch Wise Registry Cleaner.

5. System Tune-up

Wise Registry Cleaner - System Tuneup

Aside from cleaning up and defragging the windows registry, Wise Registry Cleaner could also optimize related system configurations to enhance both system velocity and internet pace. Right after a single-click on optimization, you will notice some improvement in your PC’s overall performance.

The bootup and shutdown pattern could be optimized with regards to the prefetch guidelines and application idleness reduction, while Window’s stability could be enhanced by setting windows Explorer factors to perform in individual procedures and by shutting frozen procedures to steer clear of clashes.

The system and network could be sped up by improving the responsiveness of foreground applications and show the speed of Aero Peek, crippling memory pagination and lowering hard drive I/O to improve system efficiency, deactivating the autoplay characteristic on drives to lessen the potential risk of a malware contamination, boosting TCP/IP performance, optimizing TTL configurations and so forth.

All of these components are chosen by default, and it is possible to leave out some of them, much like from the registry cleaning segment. End users might choose or deselect all items with a single click, in addition, to recover settings to default at another time. They need to remember that a few of the modifications are going to be employed in the following system reboot.

6. Customizable Cleanup Options

Wise Registry Cleaner - Customizable Cleanup Options

  • It is possible to indicate either to operate a normal, safe, or deep registry scan.
  • Custom regions of the registry could be scanned for stuff like invalid data file extensions, outdated startup programs, invalid software program pathways and many others.
  • Exclusions are permitted so that you can inform Wise Registry Cleaner to prevent cleansing any registry items with certain terms within them.

In case you are having troubles on how to commence using the program, have a visit to their own guide which focuses solely on using the program.


Strengths and Weaknesses

It is inevitable for most software programs to have its cons and pros and so is Wise Registry Cleaner. Let’s further have a look at them below.


Cleans Deeply

Wise Registry Cleaner has Normal, Safe and Deep Scan modes. In our tests, it found and fixed my pc issues that similar freeware missed.

Cleans Safely

Wise Registry Cleaner passed the acid test. We did what inexperienced users do and just cleaned everything, but no ill effects ensued.

Lots of Tweaks

The System Tuneup optimizes Windows, network settings, and more. Like the cleaning process, they’re generally safe, but as with any tool that makes system changes, you should always exercise caution.

All the Necessaries at Hand

The computer cleaner has the features we expect to see, such as backup and restores, Exclusion List, Command Line option, and scheduling.

Secure Online Payment

They value your privacy and protect your financial and personal data with full encryption and advanced fraud protection.

24/7 Support Service

Knowledgeable representatives available to assist you through email response within 24 hours.


Baby VS Bathwater

Any regcleaner or tweaker can make the wrong changes if you let it. When in doubt, start small and add tweaks as you go. A bit more background on what each tweak does would help.

Rebooting Required

That’s not really bad, since a reboot is often needed to change system files in use, and the Registry Defrag requires a reboot, but be aware. It’s smart to apply tweaks one by one if you’re not quite sure what each will do.

Are you having second thoughts if your personal computer could handle this program? Check out their software reference!


Pricing and Trials

Try a free trial before you buy – and even after your purchase, you’re still covered by our 60-day, no-risk guarantee.

Wise Registry Cleaner is for free. But if you are an advanced user and would like to access more intricate settings and benefits from it, you could buy it for $23.20 packed already with a registration backup service.



Wise Cleaner emits some terrific software program, such as file search tool, a program uninstaller and also this registry cleaner. My personal favorite features are certainly the automated registry backups and the capability to set up a cleaning up timetable.

I point out that you do not need to clean your registry regularly. What this means is the scheduling function is not really something you will want to use, but it is really worth bringing up as most registry cleaners offer only this feature within their compensated editions.

Another thing I love happens when a scan is completed. Wise Registry Cleaner obviously demonstrates which registry pathways are free of concerns and have to be repaired.

Additionally, it reveals “unsafe” registry errors, that make for a simple way to rapidly figure out what type of issues had been discovered.

Wise Registry Cleaner updates just about every month, so obtain new upgrades manually. Simply click the update link at the bottom of the program, and when an update is necessary it will download the setup file and do the installation for you.

I actually like its businesslike approach to cleaning and tweaking. Minor gripes apart, it has worked flawlessly for me. Regular cleaning and maintenance of the registry help keep your computer working speedy, efficiently, and securely. Wise Smart Registry Cleaner is a wonderful option to do the job, as a matter of fact, it is a lasting item inside my toolkit.

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