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One of the most challenging aspects of selling or marketing products for small businesses on a limited budget is labeling. While digitally printed custom labels using label printing software are an excellent solution for any promotional campaign, the fact that they have to be designed is a challenge too. However, that’s where PricePrint comes in.

In this review, we will look at how PricePrint stacks up against the competition and if it, in fact, does make life easier for business owners.

What is PricePrint?

PricePrint, unlike other barcode label printing software, promises to take the grunt work out of printing labels, price tags, barcodes, and cards via any printer or high-quality marketing device. The labels can be printed in just about all sizes from the smallest to US Letter, A4 and if required even bigger. You can also use it to print adhesive sheet labels so that they can be stuck on to your products.

When it comes to designing the label maker software comes with 3000 pre-designed labels and layouts. PricePrint assures users that there is something for everyone regardless of their products’ niche. You can also choose one based on your product type and marketing strategy easy. Just pick one, enter in the details, scale it to your requirements, and that’s it!

Key Features

Data Export and Import

Enables You to Save Labels in PDF and Excel

Unlike other label maker apps, PricePrint does not force you to work from a laptop or desktop. You can save your labels in Excel or PDF format which means that they can be easily transported and printed anywhere. You can even send them via Whatsapp, email or share them via Google Drive.

Supports 50+ Symbologies of Barcodes

It is one of the most versatile barcode software we’ve seen over the years. PrincePrint supports more than 50 types of barcodes which includes Code 39, GS1, EAN-8, EAN-13, EAN-128, Code 128, Aztech, QR-code, and PDF417. You can tool the barcodes to output any information if that is supported by the barcode type chosen. However, nothing is stopping you from using more than one type of barcode.

Auto-Fit Font Sizes

Unlike many other shipping label maker, we have used over the years PricePrint uses a proprietary system which allows the displayed labels to be shown in text form. The font sizes are autocorrected to show the complete text. Now, this is a very useful feature if you want to know how the entire text will look.

Template Preview

Labels That Look Different When Used In Different Conditions

What this feature allows for is to use one template but which will appear different for each label. You can use one template that shows different information for every product. Take for instance stocks for all your promotional products, and different options for each type of model, etc. The goal of the label software creators was perhaps versatility. That’s where PricePrint excels.

Resolve Various Formulas and Scripts via the Templates

Apart from working as a label design software it also works for custom formatting and formulas. So, you can put a label on anything and make it look however you want. The software allows users to perform simple arithmetic operations like calculating markups, discounts, etc. on the fly. Plus, there are text operations like inserting dates, times, conditions, text replacements, etc. all of which can be done with Pascal scripts.

Template Designer

Import Data into Your Database

The barcode label maker also allows users to import data directly to and from their database. The software supports Excel, ODF, CSV, Clipboard, JSON, SQLite databases, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server, Access, etc.

Integrates With Other Programs

The custom label maker also integrates with other applications via the command line or via requests via the built-in HTTP server. So, you can send and receive .txt files using JSON format or use ODBC sources.

Pros and Cons of PricePrint


  • PricePrint is an easy to use product label maker software which does not require any training.
  • It is one of the most versatile barcode printing software supporting over 50 barcode technologies.
  • The label design app allows you to export and import data in an array of formats with the click of a button.
  • Choose from a selection of over 300 address label designs templates.
  • PricePrint is a label maker program that has a built-in database as well as supports external databases.


  • Many Barcode design options can be confusing to a first-time user.
  • The barcode program needs to be optimized further for speed which we are hoping will happen with a future update.

Pricing & Trials

  • Free: Basic print, data working, template editor features with the option of only printing labels of a single product once.
  • Lite: All features are free plus, you can print labels of many products, adjust label gaps, images, etc. for $11 perpetual license, and $5 monthly.
  • Professional: Import data, 1D and 2D Barcodes, save multiple templates in PDF, auto fit font sizes, etc. for $19 perpetual license, and $9 monthly.
  • Corporate: Mainly a multi-user license accompanied with all the templates and other features for $39 perpetual license, and $19 monthly.

Final Verdict

When you want to print your own labels, you can’t find a better program than this barcode label generator. In our opinion label, maker professional officially called PricePrint is the best choice for any home business or small business owner looking to streamline and improve their labeling processes.

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