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Nowadays, there are millions of ideas in marketing a product. May it be through a social media, funnel clicking, SEO or etc, but then, nothing beats the good old brochure. Though we are in the digital age, an attractive brochure or catalog in front of your desk is really tempting. But then, still, we go back to our old ways by tapping our gadgets.

One that really caught my eye is an online interactive PDF brochure or a Flipbook. Though I rarely see this online, I bet you won’t deny it as well that this is attractive. This is definitely a good way to showcase your company’s profile to all of your clients. And to top that, this will save you time and money for you don’t need to print.

PDF Flip Book is an online flipbook software that runs on HTML 5 or Adobe Flash. In creating flip books from pdf with PDF Flip Book, the software will generate an HTML 5 code for you that you can embed on your personal or business website. You will have the magazine feel online for you can flick through pages. PDF page flip has never been this easy for you can easily convert your PDF to a flash magazine with just a few clicks. This is like an e-book but instead of dull pages, you can create full-featured digital publications.

PDF Flip Book has a clean interface and is fairly simple to use. You can easily find everything that you need in converting your PDF to flipbook in the main dashboard. You can visit their website to learn more about PDF Flip Book. There is a lot of useful stuff on their website such as the frequently asked questions.

Though there’s a lot of flipbook converter software nowadays, let’s check if it’s worth using. Let us go through its features and its capabilities and let’s decide if it’s worth every penny.


Key Features

1. Flexible & Responsive Layout

Not all of us has the luxury of time to learn the software. A good software can easily adapt to different kinds of situation. We don’t want to be searching for answers on the web for issues that we encounter in every type of file. There are things that really aren’t worth our time and effort and a good software has a solution for it.

Flexible and responsive layout

There is a wide variety of PDFs and PDF Flip Book and PDF FlipBook has a powerful layout with responsive functionality. Not only that it has a powerful layout, it also automatically adapts to any screen size. PDF Flip Book converts high-quality PDF documents to web-ready Flash Page Flip Books. So you can make sure that all of your output is definitely presentable and top class.

You don’t need to worry about cutting your PDFs to match the page for it has the Auto-Detect feature. Wide page Cut Setting will automatically calculate and detect the best aspect ratio for all of your pages. So forget the hassle of manually cropping each page for this feature will do it for you.

2. Light & Minimal

Nobody likes waiting! In a perfect world, we get what we wanted right away without waiting. It’s a good thing that PDF FlipBook is trying to make our world a better place. Skip the waiting time for PDF FlipBook converts PDFs almost instantly. The developers designed the program in a way that you will have results in a matter of seconds.

PDF FlipBook page system uses very light resources to greatly reduce the waiting time. What it actually does is that they convert character-based, non-interactive PDF files into multimedia based, interactive flash files. Since PDF Flip Book can use HTML 5, you can easily do a pdf page flip without flash.

3. Website Hosting

Sharing your work with the world has never been this easy. One thing that I liked about this software is that you can host and manage the PDF Flip Book publications directly on your website. You can embed the program directly to your website at ease and you can make sure that everything is running smoothly.

Website Hosting

You have an option to use this in your own website or use it offline on your computer. PDF FlipBook allows you to add your e-book to your website as an individual page. It can also be a part of an existing website page. With this, you will have a peace of mind that it will run properly when added to any website. PDF Flip Book gives you the maximum flexibility in updating the publication location or change the PDF input location.

4. Touch Support

What I liked most about this software is that it is a complete touch support. This means that this software is gadget-friendly and almost all of us has one. This feature is much more desirable than the other flip pdf professional software.  With the touch support feature, flipping on your gadget has never been this easy.

I have used my tablet and my phone and both flipbooks work perfectly fine. You even can try their demo with the use of your gadgets, given that you have PDF stored file. Once the PDF is loaded, you can now easily flip the pages on your gadget and have the classic feel of reading a magazine or brochure. The online demo has a lot of flipped book PDF samples that you can try.

5. Customizable Interface (Premium)

If you feel that the background is too plain, PDF FlipBook allows you to change the default background image to your own image or a plain color. There are still a lot of customization that you can do and as a designer, every detail count. PDF FlipBook doesn’t limit you in changing the background, you can also use your brand colors, logo and website link. With the diversity that you can do, you can promote your branding and advertising effectively.

Customizing the flipping book look and feel of both the skin and interactive features by choosing from your preferred colors, background, sounds, layout, style, visual page transitions and button controls and just proof that this is an all-in-one in creating your perfect flipbook. Now you won’t just flip pdf file but also adjust or change the background to match your company’s color palette.

6. PDF Hotspots (Premium)

It going to be boring when facing the countless pages of PDF and not know which one is important. When the page contains too many passages that make finding the important words and sentences a difficult issue. PDF Hotspot is a clickable stunning and animated flash, it can be added to anywhere any pages of the flipbook page. This is to highlight the important content or product sale point perfectly. Also, it can be added to different actions.

PDF Hotspot

With the Hotspot feature, you can create links to an external site or to other pages in your FlipBook. Guide your readers to specific areas of your website or online shop. Links provide a seamless connection between your FlipBook and website and your readers can have a full throttle mixed media experience like no other. Your customers have the option to browse and buy as they please, without interruptions. You will increase the chance of converting your readers into customers.


Strength and Weakness

You can’t get everything so let us list the program’s strengths and weaknesses so you will know it’s pros and cons. I understand that you may not fully agree but then again I’ll put in my two pennyworths. Just let me know in the comments for your insights.


1. Ease of Use

This program has more to meet the eye and with the internet world, this Flipbook converter can adapt to all kind of situation. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro or a newbie, you still can use PDF FlipBook with ease. You can easily do a flip pdf and create a modern, user-friendly and attractive publications from traditional PDF documents in a few mouse clicks because of it’s easy to use user interface. You’ll easily know how to flip a pdf image within a couple of minutes without any special learning even if you’re a new user.

I may be writing this review but honestly, this is my first time using this and I felt like a pro with my results. If you know how to upload stuff, you would know how to flip a pdf or how to make pdf flip book. So if your goal is to promote your brand and advertising effectively but your not tech-savvy at all, PDF FlipBook got your back. Again, with PDF Flip Book you can create online flip books from pdf easily.

2. Clear Content

Though the software uses light and minimal resources for it to operate, it doesn’t jeopardize its output. Once the FlipBook is loaded, you can easily zoom-in and notice that the page is enhanced. When you zoom-in or enlarge the page, you wouldn’t see any pixelization. With this, you can ensure that all of your outputs are top of the class and is presentable.

With the crystal clear content that it has, the reading experience of an ebook online has totally doubled.



1. Limited Functions

Being in the moment is totally different than reading the story in the book.  If you did not purchase the software, you only can try the Demo and that is all. You can’t even do any editing with the demo version but upload and just view your own flipbook. It would be better if we can at least try to edit or have the feel in editing the flipbook.

I really hope that the developers will let the users try and get the feel on how to use the PDF Flip Book. It seems that all of the editing features are not available with the online demo. Though everybody can learn how to flip pdf pages by uploading it, the user won’t know if the software is complicated or not. Most of the features of the online demo version are just for the reader’s end and not from the creator’s point of view.

2. Limited Support

It seems that PDF Flip Book doesn’t have the most effective customer base support. First of all, they don’t have a contact number on where customers can call when they need help. Second is that they only have a limited support for up to 3 months for the basic version. Though they showcased “Free Updates” on their website, they don’t support issues that you encountered on the updates after 3 months of purchasing the basic version of the software.

We still don’t know why the structure is like this. It might be because of the simplicity of the software or they’re really that confident that their customers won’t encounter any issues after 3 months. We also don’t know if they may have hired the top developers and can guarantee a strong and stable software.

Their website is also a work in progress and should offer a knowledge-based support such as a how-to tutorial like how to make flip pages in pdf. Or at least a step-by-step tutorial on how to convert flip book to pdf or how to make pdf flip book. Though instructions are included upon purchase, we all know that if something happens, we all run to the developer’s website to find answers.

3. No Cloud Feature

We all know that Cloud is the future and apparently, this software doesn’t support it. We all have a lot of authors out there who have upgraded from doing the traditional way of printing the book to creating ebooks. Not all author has their own website which means that they can’t host the ebook that they created.

It would be much better if this software would host an online platform on where authors can create a marketplace for the ebooks that they created. It really doesn’t matter if they will charge the authors for that service. The most important thing is that the authors can expand their market through your the software’s website. This is going to be a win-win situation for both the authors and the developers.

It would be a good way for their customers to showcase all their published works.


Pricing and Trials

I liked how they let us see the outcome of the converted PDF before trying it. The experience of an online magazine can be felt even though you are in a demo version. You can flip along with your PDF Flip Book before you purchase it.

You can go with the Basic Edition for a one-time payment of $69 and in return, you will have Unlimited PDF Conversions, Unlimited Number of Pages, Instructions and Technical Support. The premium edition is like the flip pdf professional version and is also for a one-time payment of only $89 and has more added capabilities than the basic edition. It includes PDF Hotspots/Links Support, Download Flip Book to PDF, (TOC) Table Of Contents, Interface Customization, RTL Writing Support.



There is a considerable amount of blacks and whites for us to know decide if this is worth it. We all have come to the part on where we will decide if this is worth buying. Let us take this short time to gather its features and its shortcomings. Again, this is just my pennyworth and you can disagree with me anytime.

Well, this isn’t the first PDF Flip Book converter that I have tried and there’s a lot more flip pdf professional software out there that can flip pdf and is much better than this. I admit that this software is a work in progress and has a lot of potentials to be the number one PDF Flip Book converter on the market. There are also essentials for a Flip Book that is not available on the basic version.

I admit that there are a lot of things that you can do with the software as a neophyte. But if you’re a graphic artist that pays more attention to detail, then this software may not be for you. I’m not sure if you can use the software on a MacBook but if you can, then it’s a good news for Mac users.

To sum it all up, with its ease of use and on how light and minimal the software is, I would give an overall 2/5 score. I found out that this software is for those who are new in creating an ebook but as a graphic designer, this software has a lot of shortcomings. I hope that this flip pdf professional review can help you with your purchase of this product.

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