Kingsoft Review – WPS PDF to Word

As a person who is in the information era, having a computer is a norm and we always encounter a file in a PDF format. It is something that we always see every day and is widely used by everyone.

The Portable Document Format or is commonly known as PDF is a format that reads a text or text and graphics that looks like a printed document on which it can be viewed, printed or electronically transmitted. In fact, PDF format has already become an ISO standard and is preferred to be the final format of choice for business.

Have you tried to convert Word to PDF and back to Word (doc to pdf to doc)? Or how about manually typing all the contents of the PDF file to your word document? Can you imagine how much time have you wasted in the process? PDF is hardly editable for it is made that way, but Kingsoft just figured out a solution for it.

Kingsoft had an innovative solution for addressing that problem. They created WPS PDF to Word application. The program speaks for itself for it can convert PDF to Doc. Not only that it does its job, but it surely will exceed your expectations. Users can select PDF files to convert according to their needs, opting to split or merge pages for PDF conversion.

Kingsoft WPS PDF to Word is already in its 10th version of the program and Kingsoft somehow have already perfected the process to convert PDF to doc format. Right here and then, I can already tell you that this PDF converter is the best in its field. WPS PDF to Word converter offers a very convenient interface.

Getting to grips with WPS PDF to Word converter is very easy and it can easily convert your PDF files to Word in a flash. It also is super easy and it also creates high-quality word file. WPS PDF to Word converter has a lot of things to offer and we will go through every feature that this program has. With the features of the PDF to Word program, you can easily notice on why this program stands out.

Their website is easily available if you have some queries. Just visit and you will find a ton of information about the product. So with some tutorials on how to convert pdf to word or basically how to get things done with this program. 

Key Features

1. Convert PDF to Word.

As the name of the program is, it specializes in converting PDF to Word (.doc) files. Converting your PDF file to a word document is very easy and can be done with just a few clicks of your mouse. Since printing from Word to PDF format (doc to pdf) is generally available to almost all of the office application. I will walk you through the steps on how to convert PDF to Word.

You can easily start by taking advantage of the drag and drop feature of the program. Just drag the PDF file that you wish to convert and drop it anywhere on the application. Once the file is already in the application, you will notice that it shows how many pages does the PDF document has.

Convert PDF to Word

There is a wide range of output formats that you can choose from in saving your file.

Once you have selected your file, just click the "Custom Location" to save your program in a location of your choice. Just click the green "Start" button to start converting your files then you're all done with the converting process. These converted files will automatically open and you can then start your editing.

2. PDF Merge

We always want to declutter our files. We don't want it to see it loitering around your computer. WPS PDF to Word Converter has a feature on where you can merge PDF files. May it be a group of PDFs or a single PDF. You can easily merge your PDF files by dragging and dropping the files anywhere on the application.

PDF Merge

After the files show up on the list, just rearrange the files according to your climatic order. Then specify the output name in the bottom and you have an option to save it to a custom location or to the same location as the PDF file. Once everything is all set, click "Merge" to start the merging process and it should merge the file swiftly. You then you can see your files merged and is ready to submit.

3. PDF Split

Not only that the program can merge, it also can split PDFs. There are instances on where it is much better to just send one page in an e-book. It saves your client time in searching for that page, and it saves you memory space in your email as well.

After editing multiple pages in office and have convert word to pdf, you can split the files using this software. WPS PDF to Word offers to split PDF files into a single page or a combined selection of pages.

Once the file is in the main dashboard, the number of pages is shown on the grid. Just go to the "PDF Split" tab to access the splitting of your PDF. You can split the whole PDF by groups or individually. You also have an option to set points and just select the pages that you wanted to split and combine them immediately in one file. Once you're done with your selection, just specify the file location and click "Split" and you're done.

PDF Split

4. Output File Formats

Some of us still rely on a 2003 version of Microsoft office and it causes us some problems sometimes. A Newer version of doc files can't be read by an older version of Word. Kingsoft has an ingenious solution for this and is available in this program. Upon converting your file, the user will have a wide range of output formats in saving your file.

Formats available for word file are RTF, native doc file, MS Word-Doc and the MS Word-Docx. RTF (Rich Text Format) which is just plain text and will ignore the pictures, or the native doc file (recommended for is widely accepted), or the Ms Word-Doc for older versions of Microsoft Word (2003 and below) or an MS Word-Docx which is for the newer versines of MS Word (2007 and above).

Output file format


5. Personalized Settings

There is more than one way to skin a cat, as well as to convert the pdf. The composition of each PDF can vary. It can be a combination of photos and text, pictured text, tables, bullets or a combination of layers. This Word to PDF converter can be personalized according to your desired setup. You can go to the settings by clicking the "Settings" button at the top right of the application.

Personalized Settings

The layout is where the user can easily choose between default settings where spacing and header is not specified. Users have the option to keep the spaces and the taps layout or just keep the textbox layout. In the document type, you either can have a single column, multi-column or an autofit setup. You also can choose if you want to export a bookmark or not, which is good for ebook readers and researchers.

6. Help and Support

There are some unforeseen errors that we will encounter in the future. That is why versions of the software are upgraded endlessly to address the issues on the previous versions. It is a very good impression to have the help easily available when we need it especially in knowing how to convert doc to pdf and Kingsoft WPS PDF to Word made this possible.

The developer makes sure that the issues are addressed and they always wanted this to be dealt as soon as possible. They even have a 24-hour time frame for them to find a solution for you. You can easily access the email support by just clicking the "Customer Service" button at the top right of the application then it will direct you to their email support website.

Help and Support

They also have an FAQ website where almost all of the typical questions are answered right away like how to convert a pdf to word or how to convert word to pdf. It contains step-by-step troubleshooting that can easily solve the errors that you may encounter. I personally find it very helpful for it is very informative and solutions that were in there are a permanent fix.


Strength and Weakness

The features in this application can easily be noticed, but then I have found out some of its weaknesses. Customers using this wouldn't notice it right away but for they probably are accustomed to it. But then it is worth the shot to point out some of the strength and weaknesses of the program.


1. Maintains All Formats

Most of the converter only detects word and its layout. One of the reasons on why this application stands out is because it maintains all formats. I have tried a lot of converters and I can consider this as the best PDF to Word converter. Other application who convert to pdf just mess up the whole formats, then you would need to start from scratch from arranging the whole document which is totally a waste of time.

This PDF to Doc application has the ability to retain the almost all of the format. It can retain the font, layout, bullets, and tables, which is something that you don't normally see in other converters. Aside from it saves you a lot of time, you also can be assured that your word document is in a very good quality.

2. Ebook Conversion

I really would love to highlight this application strength for I never found this out till I converted an image-based PDF to word. Image-based PDF is the typical format that ebook is normally set up. They just scan the book as an image and save it as a PDF. Most of the converter will convert it to an image, in which it defeats the purpose of converting it for editing purposes.

Kingsoft WPS PDF to Word has an ingenious solution for it. It can convert your PDF ebooks to an editable word format.


The image above is a sample on how the image-based PDF is converted. The image on the right side is the image-based PDF version of the file and the left side is the converted word file. You can easily notice that the program is already editable in Word. Though there are little inconsistencies in the formatting it can be easily remedied. This is something that you don't always see in other converter and this little thing is what makes the application the best PDF to Word converted in the market.

3. Very Efficient

We all know that each of our time is precious and we can easily appreciate something that is done quickly. Unlike the Adobe PDF converter, Kingsoft WPS PDF to Word not only converts your program with high-quality results but it also does it swiftly. From adding the files to the application and from converting it, it can convert from pdf to word in a minute or 2 depending on how big the file is.



4. Windows OS

Well, this program is no use for Mac or Linux for it doesn't run with those operating system for it only supports Windows OS. Although it is not of a big issue for it really does it jobs well, there is still a whole new world out there. Mac users will also need this product because of its high-quality pdf conversions, it just gives Mac and Linux user more reason to really need this product.

Although it supports windows, one of the good things is that it still supports up to Windows XP. The application supports Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista and XP.

5. English Only

We all know that not all of us understands English and unfortunately, this application only has one language. So for all of you who don't understand English out there, this program may not be for you (if you understood what I said). We can't blame the developers for most of the internet users do understand English.


Pricing and Trials

Kingsoft WPS PDF to Word is very generous for letting us try the product first before purchasing it. The trial version is limited in converting up to 5 pages which is more than enough to notice how efficient the product is.

With all its outstanding features and benefits in your everyday life and $29.95 is utterly cheap and is very reasonable. It is only for a one-time payment and not a subscription which means there are no extra charges to gain full access to the product. PDF merge and PDF split will become available after you purchase the program.



We all reached to the final moments on where we evaluate the program and this application is going to be very helpful for all of us for we all use a Word and PDF document almost every day. It is going to be apart of our daily lives and Kingsoft WPS PDF to Word pro is going to be our best friend.

Kingsoft WPS PDF pro is the best in PDF to Word conversion, no questions asked. There are simple qualities that really counts which is not available to other PDF converters. I would give this product a perfect 5/5 for its efficiency, convenience, and quality. It just simply is the best on what they do.