How to Convert PDF to Word?

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In today’s world where documents play a major role in every business and educational activity, one’s knowledge and literacy to certain applications and formats give further advantages than the other. Learning how to convert PDF to Word is extremely helpful in today’s digital age.

Back in the day to convert we had to obtain files on a PDF format and if it needed have minor corrections we would simply export the PDF format to Word Document to make the changes. However, this approach is limited to Microsoft Word and offers only a very limited conversion service just like its inability to change existing tables and cells,  footnotes and endnotes, and many more which are pretty essential for some documents or outputs bounded with standard formatting.

The desire to acquire possibilities of having an alternative that comes with lesser limitations or possibly none is a great challenge and so is an opportunity for every innovative mind, giving birth to countless software programmed to perform the desired task, omitting limitations and human errors. Just as you can read in Kingsoft WPS PDF to Word Review, where many shared their experiences and recommendations about finding either convenience or burden from certain software they are using or once owned. In the search for the PDF converter popularly used throughout the globe, let me give you a brief detail of my five chosen sites or programs.

UniPDF PDF to Word Converter

Known for being a desktop app avoiding the issues of slow upload and download speeds associated with online tools and also keeping your documents secured with you holding the complete privacy of every file, user-friendly, and performs high-quality conversion from PDF files to word documents, images, plain text files in batch mode, and even to HTML, maintaining its quality and appearance. But this software has a drawback as its trial edition can only convert three pages and demands an upgrade or its paid version if you seek for more conversion.

Free Online OCR

Where you could convert an image or scanned PDF file into word but it can only convert one file at a time preserving PDF’s formatting, displaying text in editable columns and formatting image as a header.

Nitro PDF to Word Converter

Well, this one requires an email account as the converted file will be directly sent to the given email address and is limited to only five files conversions per month and others have argued that they have wasted too much time in waiting for the converted files to reach on their emails.

PDF Online

Unlike Nitro PDF to Word Converter, this one doesn’t require an email address and delivers very similar good results with UniPDF maintaining its PDF’s formatting. This is pretty good for someone who has only a small time to spare for waiting as it could only take 52 seconds in converting PDF file.

WPS PDF to Word Converter

By just dragging the file you intend to convert onto the software’s main screen and choose your export format either it’s a DOC, DOCX, or RTF and press ‘Start’ which you could visibly notice on the main screen. Same as UniPDF PDF To Word Converter, it’s a desktop application and gives you further advantages compared to the other software retaining the quality and accuracy of the documents.

When you still have the trouble of finding the right converter for you, then digging for more facts and even tips by reading some forums and reviews is a great help before making a decision. So make use of your sources and be sure you’re dealing the good and real ones.

We hope this guide helped. As for other uses of PDF, we recommend that you check our guide on how to create a flip book in PDF format. It’s not difficult and it sure is cool to learn how to do it the right way.

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