Clean & Match is WinPure’s data cleansing and matching suite, specially designed to increase the accuracy of business or consumer data. This reviewed software suite is ideal for cleaning, correcting and deduplicating mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets and CRMs.

WinPure is a provider of list and data cleansing software solutions that are powerful, simple to use, affordable and most importantly can be used by anyone rather than just IT specialists which enables users to remove all the duplicated records and to identify abnormal data records that must be removed manually and to accurately manage their customer information in order to retain the integrity of their data.

WinPure offers features such as data cleansing, dedupe, deduplication software, data cleaning, address cleaning, databases cleaning, data cleansing software, list cleaning, data matching, CRM cleaning, merge purge software, data quality, and software. WinPure’s data cleansing software which identifies compares and fixes any size of cleanable data with great value and returns with desktop labor reductions will ensure that the user’s marketing lists and databases are clean, correct and duplicate free.

Businesses of all sizes can use its data cleansing software products to help improve the quality of their information, helping them to increase profitability through more accurate data, and recurring costs by eliminating duplications, spelling errors, and mistakes. WinPure has an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to perform time-consuming and complex data cleaning and deduplication tasks on the user’s lists and databases.

WinPure has been listening to customers and implementing changes that are continually helping to improve and create new WinPure products. Winpure also proves a range of data services that are aimed at further improving the quality and providing a clean starting point for ongoing database management.


Clean & Match is basically made up of three components namely data, clean and match. Let’s explore each feature!


This action is for importing and exporting data lists, opening and saving projects, and viewing and editing your data. Let’s say you have a customer list in excel which has been accessed by many employees. It doesn’t just look messy but contains many duplications due to a CRM migration and a customer mailing project. You have been asked to clean it up and remove all duplications. Clean & Match improves its appearance, accuracy and removes all duplications.

You can exit the program anytime and can pick up where you left off, and something to keep in mind is that it won’t overwrite any of your original data. Clean & match creates its own files which you can export back out or save as a WinPure project file. Once the data file is loaded into table one and you wanted another file to be imported, the second file will be uploaded below it and we can use the screen splitter to adjust the view. From here on, we can edit the data and perform sorting and filtering.


This contains a wide range of data cleansing tools to help populate, standardize and correct your lists and databases. Cleaning module provides a whole host of features to manage, convert, and cleanse your data more effectively and to also provide good preparation for the data matching. At the very top, you can select which of your list you would like to clean and are able to choose what table to do so.


This module will quickly help identify the missing data in your lists. This can migrate for finding out how much of your data has fully populated. For example, how many missing names or postcodes exist in your list or how many contacts have missing email addresses. Fully populated name and address details are crucial for effective marketing. This module will certainly help with that. Simply choose the populated cells and then it will produce a graph and scoring system to help identify which share is we should focus on.

In fact, we can view all of these by simply double-clicking on the result. It is automatically switched backed to the data list to show us. Now let’s look at the empty cells at least so we can consider populating this and go clean and select the empty cells action. We can now then focus on the empty table so that we can filter and populate them if required.

Text Cleaner

With the text cleaner, there is a wide range of options available to clean up the text within your list. Like removing extra spaces, removing or replacing non-printable characters and much more. There are instant help and examples for all of the features by simply clicking the question mark icon next to the feature you wish to learn more about. So you can see that there are some leaving spaces, commas, and full-stops. All we need to do is select the require option on the right and then click clean and all of these unwanted characters will be removed in an instant.

Case Converter

With the case converter, clean & match will ensure your data as professionally presented. This is an idea for standardizing your mailing lists, for example ensuring that all your names and addresses are correctly capitalized. We simply select the column we wish to convert and then click either lower, uppercase or proper case. You can make your own prefix and exceptions list and view those within the project. After converting a column into a proper case, you see it is much better and professional.

Word Manager

This module can be used to search certain words and then correct, replace, extract, count or delete them with only one click. This is great for replacing abbreviations, nicknames and commonly misspelled words. You can even create your own custom libraries and spell checkers, and use any language you wish and then save the settings to be used in other WinPure projects. You can type in the value you want to change and then enter its replacement or you can extract the whole values by clicking the arrow or extract all of them by clicking the two arrows. Included in this software are some predefined word manager files to get you started.

Column Splitter

This can be used to split columns into various parts. For example, a person’s full name can be split into a title, first name, and surname. Email addresses can be split into domains, subdomains, country, etc. Telephone numbers can be split into international code, country and much more. It does this by splitting the copy of the parts into new fields.

Column Merger

It will allow you to join values from two separate columns and place them into a newly created column. For example, on a list that contains the fields namely first name and surname, we can create a column that will contain both the first name and surname. You can then click on concatenate to choose what character is to be put in between the two values like space, underscore, etc.

Email Cleaner

This will help you correct all email addresses within your lists that appeared to have been entered correctly. It will even provide suggestion to the incorrect ones. If you select the email address column in your file, you will then see the valid and invalid emails. Within the invalid emails is an option to suggest corrections. It will provide a list of possible corrections for each of the invalid emails and by clicking use all correction it will automatically correct them.


The final feature is the match in which we remove any duplication. It is a very powerful data matching module that can identify remove and merge all duplications.

WinPure clean & match contains advanced intelligent data matching engine to quickly and accurately identify duplicate records from your mailing lists, databases, spreadsheets and so on. It would otherwise be difficult and sometimes impossible to find. What would normally be a time-consuming job has now been made very easy. It is a simple three-step process.

Step 1

The first step is to select which tables you wish to match on. You are then asked on which columns you are going to use for data matching.

Step 2

In step 2 we need to select the matching options. The basic match is used to find identical matches without the need for fuzzy matching or fancy algorithms. This is an idea for quickly identifying duplicated email addresses, telephone numbers, etc. The advanced match is used to find duplicate records by using special algorithms for the detection of a fanatic, misspelled and abbreviated abbreviations within poorly structured data.

You can use this as virtually to any type of column whether its people’s names, company names, addresses, postcodes, telephone numbers, product names, etc. Fuzzy matching threshold determines which record should be considered similar enough to be presented as potential duplicate records.

If you set it too high, you could miss real duplicates. If too low, your result won’t include many records that are not real matches. Always try to find the right balance as this will vary depending on the type of list you import into the clean & match.

Step 3

Step 3 serves as to view the duplicates and remove or merge them if you are happy with the results. You can view and manage these results in either the split view or single grid. The split view allows you to view the entire record for each of the possible duplication. While the single grid, allows you to view the entire list of possible duplications on one complete list.

Before you can delete or merge the duplications, you need to determine the master record from each duplicate group. There are two ways of doing this. The first method is to manually select the master record yourself; you do this by simply selecting the master from the views. The second method and the quickest is by using the set master records option which can automatically choose the master record for you.

Using this option can save a considerable amount of time particularly if you have a large list. You can save the file with the non-master records before removing them by clicking on the filter and export. After that, you can now then remove the records that have been not been assigned to the master record by simply clicking the delete button.

And you can then notice that all of the duplicate records have had been removed and you just had the master record that you had selected before. Once the master record has been selected you can then choose to remove them, merge them or even export them into a different list.


  • Increase the accuracy of virtually any list, spreadsheet, database, CRM, etc.
  • Save hours of valuable time cleaning and removing duplicated records from your lists or databases using built-in sophisticated fuzzy and phonetic match algorithms
  • Affordable one-charge licenses
  • Save your business time & money
  • Highly Rated - Industry Awards
  • World-class customer support


Haven’t seen a bad feature so far not just on my observation and own research but based on other people’s review too about this software.


Their plan prices range from Lite for $499. Each plan has different features that would enable you to choose which is suitable for your tasks to be done. They are even user-friendly that you could contact them directly for discounts if you use it for education, belongs to a government or a non-profit institution.


They give you the privilege to try out their software for 21-days before you are able to decide on which plan suits you well. Give it a try now!


As you can now see, WinPure Clean & Match offers a complete solution for cleaning and correcting your data as well as removing duplications from all your lists and databases. Some of the features you will, some are not but overtime like many of their customers frequently tell them that you will quickly get accustomed using this software and use it whenever you require any form of data cleansing or data matching in the future.

There is no annual license fee to pay, just an affordable one-off charge per license. They have separate editions to suit your database size and budget. They even offer discounts to education, governments, and non-profit institutions. They also provide significant discounts on multiple licenses. Just contact them for an instant quotation. You will soon begin to realize why many of their customers have rated this software as one of the best software investment they have ever made. Have more questions? Ask them directly on their support page.

I will give a legit and unbiased score of 4/5 for its efficiency, innovative, user-friendly, adaptability and easy-access software. It is a means of flowing to the flow of modern technology for professional peoples.

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WinPure Review – Clean & Match

WinPure Clean & Match is a powerful and simple tool for cleaning, correcting and deduping mailing lists, databases and spreadsheets.

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