If you are one of the individuals utilizing a device with limited format support for video playbacks, like an iPhone or some Blu-ray Player, you may encounter issues while performing some videos that you formerly had on your PC. This is where top video converters start working because this reviewed software enables you to alter the video to be extendable to something that is based on the unit that you’re intending to take part in the video.

Although you will find countless audio-video software that offers to convert your video format, a handful could really compare to what Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate has and that’s precisely why I made the decision to perform a review on perhaps, among the best video converting software that everyone could utilize.

As a start, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a video converter utility from Wondershare - probably the most popular software developers available. It is available for both Windows and Mac, offering almost the same features. Within this review, we are discussing our knowledge about the Windows form of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

It must be noted that the program has a couple of additional features, for example, Video Downloader, DVD Burner, Transfer and Toolbox of Video Goodies. For somebody who’s into real media consumption, all of these features need to have a look at.

If you are intrigued and is planning to inquire and contact them personally, have a visit to their ​support page.


The very first factor you will find about Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is how streamlined the consumer interface is. You will find five primary regions of this program available using the filmstrip towards the top of the outlet dashboard screen: Convert, Download, Burn, Transfer, and Toolbox. Since these are the essential options that come with this program, let us undergo and test each one of these to determine how good they work.

Video Conversion

Converting videos can't be simpler with Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. You just add some file you need to convert into the dashboard no matter where it's presently stored - in your hard disk, your mobile phone, a connected video camera or perhaps your DVD drive - after which you choose the final output settings in target section.

You may also convert a lot of files at the same time towards the same format while using settings within the top right, that will give a huge productivity boost for individuals preparing videos for upload into the internet web.

Preset Options

When selecting your target video format, you've got a large range of preset options included in this program that will enable the conversion to be pretty simple. If you are a passionate video expert and also you know precisely what settings you would like, you may create a custom preset or modify among the existing ones to provide you with an expert degree of control of bitrate, frame rate and audio along with other settings.

Trim and Crop

If perhaps you need to perform a bit of video editing before you decide to convert your file, you can just click the appropriate button underneath the clip's thumbnail to obtain access to some fundamental editing options. You are able to trim the recording having a simple interface if there is a piece that you need to remove, crop or rotate it, and add various filter effects and subtitles.


The Effect Panel is limited, but it may be helpful to produce a certain mood or style for the converted videos. If you wish to do anything whatsoever more difficult, it is best that you choose a video editing program. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate does not support installing downloadable effect packs, however, this is likely little of an issue as the typical functions in which individuals will be searching for - rotation and a little bit of contrast or saturation adjustment.


The watermarking function is helpful for fundamental text overlay, but you are rather limited when it comes to text style and layout. The control of subtitles is much more comprehensive, but possibly that's simply because subtitles could be fundamental to the viewer's knowledge of the film while watermarks are more effectively employed for copyright protection.


All common subtitle formats are supported, and there's an opportunity to connect to the OpenSubtitles project website that may be utilized by clicking the icon.


The audio portion of the video converter is limited, only enabling you to control the level of your converted video. Fortunately, it will permit you to boost above 100%, although adding a volume normalizing function will make this an infinitely more helpful tool.

Internet Downloader

A lot of the recording content we consume originates from web sources, but some sources may not play correctly on the selected devices. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate enables you to download Youtube video, Dailymotion and Vimeo, after which convert them into the extendable of your liking like youtube to mp3. You may also automate the conversion area of the process by enabling 'Download then Convert Mode' within the top right corner.

Downloading is very simple to do. Click 'Paste URL' within the top left, then paste the link into the dialog box, and click on the download button. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate accesses the URL, analyzes the kind of video it finds after which gives you a number of options on how to handle the end result.

If you ever encounter an error when attempting to gain access to the downloading URL, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will prompt you to retry in order to make use of the built-in screen recording function as a substitute video capture method. Within this example, I deliberately decided on a non-video hyperlink to demonstrate, because it handled installing video very well which I could not find a good example of content the program was not able to gain access to.

CD or DVD Burn

DVD has already been on its way out like a standard video disc, this may not be too large an issue for many users. If your only desire is to create a DVD of videos to become distributed to buddies and family, then it's sufficient - but you would never like to try any type of professional production with this particular portion of the program.

The fundamental functionality is very straightforward and operates in the same way towards the conversion window. You set all of the files you need to include in your DVD, and then suggest any edits or alterations in the recording in the same manner while you would when converting.

Menu Screen

The problems arise when the time comes to produce a menu screen. You may choose to possess no menu, however, it will mean that your videos will only begin to play in sequence once you load the DVD. If you wish to produce a menu, you've got a small group of preset menu screens to select from which could then be customized when it comes to background image, music and text content - however, the buttons and text placement can't be altered, and also the text home windows don't adapt to fit the quantity of text the user enters.

Background images are not given the ability to get cropped, they just extend to fit and there's not a way to regulate this behavior, which can lead to some amusing accidents.

Video Transfer

The Transfer Section is basically a file manager for uploading videos towards your mobile phone without having to change to a different program. Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will easily recognize your mobile phone coupled with no issues transferring files towards the device.

Fortunately, the Transfer feature is not really necessary throughout this program, so don't allow it to be the obstruction of your decision - but it's an extremely odd element for developers to incorporate it in its presently buggy condition.

The Toolbox

Finally, we achieve the Toolbox portion of the program that provides five capabilities that you can use together with your videos: a metadata editor, a VR video converter, direct access to the screen recorder feature, a GIF maker and a media server that lets you play videos on a networked smart TV.

Metadata Editor

The metadata video editor might be helpful for those uncomfortable editing the qualities of files using Home Windows Explorer; however, it may have been more helpful whether it was incorporated being an option during alteration.

VR Converter

The VR editor appears perfectly easy to use, but regrettably, I haven't got the supported VR headsets to be able to test this part of the program's functionality. In reading what others said it also supports the theory that it's relatively easy, but again I can't attest to this personally.

Cast to TV

The Cast to TV feature appeared to become off and away to an excellent start by immediately recognizing and connecting to my Chromecast, however it was not able to really play the videos I sent by using it - even ones which I have performed using Chromecast formerly. This will make it seem like another incomplete add-on feature that might be better restricted to further beta testing prior to being incorporated into a public release.

Screen Recorder

By contrast, the screen recorder feature appears very well-developed, offering a variety of options that you would anticipate finding inside a dedicated screen recording application - although it is a bit not amusing that it does not allow you to pick the video output format. A minimum of you can easily convert it to whatever format you'll need using the primary area of the program! As you can tell in the screenshot below, to record screen videos on Mac, Wondershare really requires users to set up a Virtual Sound Card.

GIF Maker

The ultimate bit of the Toolbox could be the GIF maker, that will most likely be a lot of fun for individuals who love GIF reactions on social networking and image discussing sites. It's very easy to use - just pick the video or photos you need to use, adjust the dimensions, frame rate, and length, and click on 'Create GIF'. The operation is a little slow, especially because the frame rate increases, but animated GIFs are often for brief sequences with low frame rates which means this should not cause a lot of a problem.


This software is the ultimate means to fix all of your needs, from installing, converting, to burning the videos into DVDs. You don't need to install multiple software if you have Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate. It is simple to use, fast and completes conversion of massive files in a few minutes. Together with conversion, you will also get the choice to edit and add effects if you want to. Making visual presentations has never been easier with Wondershare.

  • Inexpensive - at about $60.00
  • All-in-one: Video converter & editor, DVD burner, and ripper, web video downloader as well as an on-screen video recorder.
  • Convert any videos to fit on any phone devices like Apple, Samsung, HTC, BlackBerry, Nokia, etc.
  • Compatible with all video types. You won’t have any issues with video compatibility.
  • Convert videos 30X faster with Wondershare’s industry leading APEXTRANS™ technology.
  • Ability to convert any normal video to 3D with fast speed (save money from expensive 3D theatre tickets).
  • Its user interface is well-organized and simple to use. Settings and other options are easy to adjust.
  • Comprehensive online tutorials and free customer service to help you if you encounter any problems while using the software.
  • The free trial lets you experience the software before you buy it. The 30-day money back guarantee turns your purchase into risk-free. Free installation steps are available here.
  • 100% virus free safe download and secure online payment as personal information are protected by SSL Technology.


What are the cons, you may ask? Well, quality things have a cost and thus perform this software. You will find competing products readily available for free at a lower cost, most of which are internet based and want no installing either. However, the quality and speed provided by Wondershare are simply too impeccable. So for individuals searching for inexpensive or free budget software, this certainly fits the bill.

  • Sometimes errors show up while converting videos. Of course, there is no converter that is 100% perfect.
  • Downloading some web videos are a bit slow and sometimes doesn’t work well.
  • The letterbox is added when making DVD.
  • Lack of audio functionality.


Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a compensated tool for video conversion. There are various types of plans readily available for the merchandise, with an assorted selection of prices. However, if you convert videos regularly then opt for the Lifetime License. This license enables you to definitely install the converter tool on one PC generally costs $59.95.

Because of the group of features, this ripper tool has, the cost is fair. However, looking at the features, the cost-effective like a customer has to pay could be like around $35 - $45 range.


The software comes with free 30-days trial version, and you can check all the features and functionalities by yourself. The trial version, though limits the complete access of the Wondershare video converter ultimate software, the premium version will be the best option if you are the professional. As a professional, if you are looking for all best video utilities which are mentioned here, then Wondershare is the best solution for you. You will only have to compromise with converted video quality; otherwise, the software is perfect.


For individuals looking for a quick, reliable video converter tool that may handle just about any video extendable, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate is a great choice. It's incredibly simple to use, it may process 4K, 3D, and VR video content, and contains some simple editing features built-directly to make adjustments during alteration.

A few of the additional features are helpful, but another medication is not full-grown even just in this new edition release, and they just do not provide much-added value over a number of Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate's cheaper competitors. It might be nice to possess these functions tested more completely through the development stage prior to being incorporated in public places release versions from the software, but purchasing also provides you with free lifetime updates so you'll take advantage of them more because the software innovates.

Got hooked on the features of this awesome software? What are you waiting for? Have a visit now at www.videoconverter.wondershare.com!

I will give a legit and unbiased score of 4.5/5 for its life-changing features, easy to understand attributes even though you are not a techy nerd, price-worthy dashboard, and user-friendly buttons. It just proves that now in the modern world, even though you are not a techy guy when it comes to converting videos and stuff; you are still able to do some IT stuffs thanks to this software.